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Bloom Bubble is a revolutionary product of ADHIGAM and having superior quality of washing. It may only product which is not using phosphorus and nitrogen products in their ingredient in India. The nitrogen and phosphorus are most common nutrients which causes eutrophication (soil contamination) and they are banned as ingredient in United states and other countries But in India they are heavily used. The major waste of sewage is generated from household activity. The waste generated contain detergent which is directly pump in to the river through sewage channels and causes Biomagnification, Bioaccumulation, Eutrophication etc. Biomagnification is the major source of cancer in various states in India. The Bloom Bubble serves country to make healthy environment in a silent way. We strongly believe that personal cleanliness contributes largely to national cleanliness. Additionally, Personal hygiene motivates people to keep their surrounding neat and tidy.

Dye Fixers
June 04, 2019

Dye Fixing Agents are used after dyeing to improve the fastness properties of the dyed goods. These Products either react chemically to bond with unused dye sites or form a barrier, locking the dyestuff, onto the fibre. Wash Fastness, Crock Fastness, Cold water bleeding, Perspiration Fastness and Crock Fastness properties are significally improved using proper dye fixing agents.

Softners are used on textiles substrates in the final treatment to enhance feel and drape where they improve the aesthetic value of textiles. Softners impart surface smoothness, inner softness, suppleness, bulkiness, superior absorbancy to textiles substrates. Softners also function as lubricants which improves the sewing & knitting ability of the fabric.

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